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Delish Indian Delish Indian
Delish Indian

Cat’s had a curry epiphany! In the past, she’s been a bit curry agnostic. To her curry has usually been chicken in a slightly bland yellow, orange or red sauce. She now realises that she’s only got herself to blame if she insists on choosing from the same limited part of the menu.

Stretching her boundaries (and her stomach) in Masala Bay the other night, she discovered dipali. This sweet, creamy dish with chicken fillets and chickpeas had a pleasing zing without the numbing pain of some spicy dishes, and the garlic and ginger gave it a great flavour inciting Cat to declare it to be the best curry she’d ever had.

Having finally seen the merit of a decent ruby, Matt felt that it was the time to introduce Cat to Delish Indian, which is causing a sensation over on Facebook.

Where is Delish, you may wonder? There is no restaurant; it is a takeaway – and one with a difference. The dishes are cooked in the chef’s own kitchen in Sandown, but you can’t just pop in a peruse a laminated menu like other takeaways. The chef at Delish cooks one dinner a week which must be pre-ordered via Facebook and collected on Friday evening. It’s a pretty simple concept and, judging by the enthusiastic reviews on the FB page, it’s very popular.

Not wanting to miss out on the latest thing, we duly put in our order for that week’s dinner: Goan chicken curry with stir-fried vegetables. We had a bit of trouble finding the place; we only had 17 Culver Parade to go by and our pesky satnav sent us to Yaverland. Still, we had a nice drive along the seafront and, unlike those pencil-necked over-compensators, we didn’t have a loud popping exhaust to accompany our cruise along the esplanade.

The transaction was pretty perfunctory. We handed over our twenty-five nicker and were given a bag of food. Chef Parita didn’t really have anything to add, other than that the cooking instructions were on the cartons and so we headed back to Ryde to take the dust covers off Cat’s oven.

For cooking refuseniks like us, the instructions were pretty simple to follow; much like a supermarket curry. Both the Goan chicken and stir-fried vegetables were popped into the oven in their foil containers for around twenty minutes. The rice was easily microwaved and the chapatis were dry-fried in a pan.

Matt and Cat’s bill
Goan chicken, stir-fry vegetables, coconut rice, chapatis for two:

The Goan chicken label was full of promise; coconut, garlic, chilli, coriander and shallots. The dish was astonishingly full of chicken, with not much room left for the gently spiced creamy sauce. We’re not complaining though. The soft fluffy rice was exceptionally good, with freshly shredded coconut throughout, which was a nice aromatic detail. The generous allowance of wholemeal chapatis meant there was absolutely no chance of leaving the table hungry.

Like the meat dish, the vegetable stir fry was chock-full. Unlike a typical restaurant Indian vegetable curry this was not cooked to a featureless paste, but featured fresh, crunchy, thinly-sliced green beans, peppers, baby corn, mushrooms and onions. We daringly added a dollop of Mrs Balls Chutney, an African concoction that we find makes a very good substitute for mango chutney with any spicy dish. It was all a bit too fiery for weak-palated Cat, who perhaps isn’t as ready to stray from mild dishes after all. Its pokey flavour contrasted with gentle chicken curry and Matt was happy to finish it off.

Our special takeaway was a big success – we applaud this simple concept, which delivers good value home-cooked Indian food. You can even watch on Facebook as the chef uploads alluring pictures of the meals being made. Regular customers will get the added attraction of discovering new dishes as Parita demonstrates her cooking skills with new meals every week.

Our special takeaway was a big success - we applaud this simple concept, which delivers good value home-cooked Indian food.
  • Home-made, fresh Indian food every week
  • Generous portions
  • Very easy to reheat successfully
  • Fantastic coconut rice
  • Veg was too spicy for Cat!

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  • Alex

    2nd October 2017 #1 Author

    Big fan of Mrs Balls! Lovely stuff 🙂