Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
French Franks is an enduring feature of Newport; a town where new establishments pop into view more often than Kerry Katona’s tongue at a paparazzi convention. Way back, when this website was in its stone age, Matt and Cat reviewed this established eatery and were favourably impressed by the... Read more
Special report by our roving festival reporter, Wendy Varley. Each year the quest to find the very best of what Bestival has to offer gets harder, simply because there is so much to hear, see, do – and eat – that any one of the 45,000 revellers in attendance... Read more
Lake: the village that’s in the way of other more interesting places. If you’ve passed through Lake you may have been too distracted by its architectural hotchpotch to notice the disproportionate number of eateries – particularly takeways. Indian, chippy and Chinese restaurants all vie for attention on Lake’s short... Read more
In the 1930s, hard times were known as the depression; this term was, however, just too – well… depressing, so the next round of fiscal doom was rebranded as a recession. In the self-aware twenty-first century we are in the grip of the more euphemistically-monikered ‘economic downturn’. But however... Read more
Matt and Cat were flattered to be invited to try the Oyster Grill and Bar, a pop-up restaurant at Cowes Yacht Haven for Cowes Week 2011. At the same time last year they had a delightful experience at Robert Thompson’s pop-up at Northwood House – would this year’s temporary... Read more
As well as its regular holiday-makers, four times a year the Isle of Wight is inundated with a concentrated number of visitors. Thousands cross the water for both major music festivals which bookend vehicle enthusiasts’ events. The late August Bank Holiday sees an influx of scooterists buzzing around Ryde... Read more
There are few places that are truly off the beaten track. The Boathouse seafood restaurant at Steephill Cove is not one of them. It’s one of the Island’s worst-kept secrets, a place that all the travel writers love to imagine they discovered. And well they might. It’s probably not... Read more
Cat’s been a big fan of sushi ever since she tried Tomo’s bento boxes. Tomo, an expert Isle of Wight sushi-maker who delivered little boxes of delights from her Rookley home, is sadly no longer in business, but The Cat’s appetite for this dainty Japanese food has not diminished.... Read more
Having been turned away from the ever-popular Jamie’s Italian for the second night in a row, Matt and Cat headed off to King’s Parade to see if one of Cambridge’s other fine eateries would be more accommodating. As luck would have it, they got the last two unbooked seats... Read more
Cambridge is an odd place in many ways – mostly good ways. One thing Matt and Cat noticed during their visit is that, as tourists and British subjects, they were very much in the minority. Visitors are thick on the ground in Cambridge, and come from all nations. So... Read more