Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
Matt and Cat have sometimes had their attention drawn to alleged lapses of hygiene in the kitchen of this, that or the other establishment. It’s not generally something which makes its way into reviews, and for good reason: hearsay isn’t a reliable way to form an opinion on anything... Read more
Mojac’s, Cowes
The southerly approach to Cowes always puts Matt and Cat in mind of the Midlands, with row upon terraced row of red brick houses punctuated by the occasional corner shop or takeaway. By the time one gets to the High Street, the town reveals its historic heart; Georgian buildings... Read more
It’s grand, it’s old, it’s the Duke of York. And it’s even half way up a hill. Cowes has a rich variety of eating-houses spread along its wandering High Street, but if one continues southwards into the territory of boatyards and terraced houses stuffed with glamorous young digital professionals,... Read more
Scarrots Lane is a bustling little thoroughfare containing all manner of specialist shops. Want your drum kit tuning? No worries: Beat This has it covered. Broken the heel of your pole-dancing shoes? Try Purple Dreams for acrylic-soled platform stilettos and a feather-trimmed basque. Strolling through this veritable Aladdin’s Cave,... Read more
So, just how far south do you have to go before you can sense the North African influence of Morocco? As far as Ventnor? For four days only, this is apparently the case. Chef Mourad Sahnoune has opened his first ever pop-up restaurant, Chez Mourad, in Ocean Blue Quay,... Read more
St Helens is a delightful-looking village, arranged around a series of greens to facilitate perfectly the curtain-twitching neighbourliness which village life demands. Rather carelessly, St Helens has managed to mislay two churches – one is almost entirely fallen into the sea, whilst the other is located in the countryside... Read more
England is a country simply dripping with history. Colonials, when visiting, just can’t get enough of it – understandably, maybe, as they have so little at home. The Isle of Wight is no different. Famous as the last place in England to convert to Christianity, later history is equally... Read more
The Isle of Wight is great in the summer; there’s so much to do and many places to do it. Matt and Cat like nothing more than to sit in a sunny tea garden feeding scone crumbs to squabbling sparrows while indulging in the food of the gods. The... Read more
What a difference a week makes! As visitors to Cowes on the penultimate day of 2010, Matt and Cat were thrilled and delighted by the ‘Not New Year’s Eve’ event at the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club. The place was positively buzzing with peacocks and party princesses, jollied along by... Read more
Matt and Cat have eaten some excellent food in all of the far-flung corners of the Isle of Wight. From windswept tea rooms to the most northerly restaurant, they’ve pretty much tried them all. However, sometimes the best things are on your doorstep – as Matt and Cat discovered... Read more