Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
Archive review: the Dark Horse closed in February 2014. A while ago, Brading’s former Red Lion Inn looked as though it was going to follow so many small rural pubs, and turn into housing. But it didn’t – quite the contrary. After a sojourn as the Smart Fox, the... Read more
Matt and Cat pride themselves on leaving no type of eatery unreviewed. They have shared their opinions on the Island’s only Michelin-starred restaurant and also enjoyed food at Dodnor’s Cappuccino wagon. Basically, if the public are invited to eat there, M&C will give it a punt. It may come... Read more
For generations, rooks have cawed and squabbled over twigs in the high trees at the crossroads at the top of Wootton’s High Street. It’s hard not to imagine this spot as it must have been 150 years ago; a busy thoroughfare in a pretty rural village, with the graceful... Read more
Are Matt and Cat up for a culinary challenge? Well, is the Isle of Wight the sunniest place in Britain? Obviously! And this Bank Holiday Monday your reviewers were invited to an unprecedented event: the Bay Grill at Appley offered to feed M&C for a whole day, and take... Read more
Little Gloster
There’s definitely some kind of social pecking order out in Cowes, but being from Ryde, Matt and Cat really don’t get it. Take Gurnard, for example. Is it a wannabe suburb of the cosmopolitan hub that is Cowes; or is it actually the exclusive enclave that everyone in Cowes... Read more
Wanna know a secret? Matt and Cat don’t have one but, like many Island folks, they have been privy to all sorts of open speculation about the next occupant of the suddenly vacated Ocean Blue Quay. From Michelin hopefuls to Mediterranean transients and maybe even One of the World’s... Read more
One winter’s day a few years ago, M&C were on a business trip to Royal Tunbridge Wells, of all places. Sounds posh? Well, expensive, certainly, if that means posh. Inevitably, they ended up strolling through the town centre round about dinner time, looking to see what was on offer.... Read more
Matt and Cat have sometimes had their attention drawn to alleged lapses of hygiene in the kitchen of this, that or the other establishment. It’s not generally something which makes its way into reviews, and for good reason: hearsay isn’t a reliable way to form an opinion on anything... Read more
Mojac’s, Cowes
The southerly approach to Cowes always puts Matt and Cat in mind of the Midlands, with row upon terraced row of red brick houses punctuated by the occasional corner shop or takeaway. By the time one gets to the High Street, the town reveals its historic heart; Georgian buildings... Read more
It’s grand, it’s old, it’s the Duke of York. And it’s even half way up a hill. Cowes has a rich variety of eating-houses spread along its wandering High Street, but if one continues southwards into the territory of boatyards and terraced houses stuffed with glamorous young digital professionals,... Read more