Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
This is an archive review. Barefoot on the Beach closed in December 2012. ‘I can’t see anything down this slipway, it’s pitch black tonight.’ ‘Well, let’s go down there anyway.’ ‘Look out, we’re walking into the sea. I’m not gonna do a Reggie Perrin!’ ‘No, we’re not – look... Read more
Due to entirely foreseen circumstances, Matt and Cat found themselves without internet access one clement autumn day. This enforced Luddism could have inspired a frenzied bout of housework or perhaps baking, but those who know M&C well will already be guffawing at such ridiculous options. No, they decided to... Read more
On a day trip to Portsmouth, Matt and Cat built up a decent appetite shopping at Karen Millen for a party dress for The Cat. An eager shop assistant presented Cat with an optimistically-sized dress which, apparently, she could diet into. She was then offered the next size up,... Read more
After another hard day toiling down the corporate salt mine, Matt and Cat were sat in traffic inching their way homewards. Some might imagine the reviewing duo plotting their next visit to some unwitting restaurant, but nothing could be further from the truth. A typical debate ensued: should they... Read more
Come with us on a journey through time and space, to a land of long hot summers, Cinzano and pop charts where ‘Do You Wanna Touch’ was considered a tour de force. A place where, if they weren’t having the neighbours round for fondue bourguignonne – dipping their meat... Read more
This is a Matt and Cat special event report Hands up who’s ever heard it said that the Isle of Wight is stuck in the past. Quite a few of you – you can put your hands down now. The sneerers have missed the point; it’s actually a compliment... Read more
Note: this van is still around at times, but not any more at the site we originally reviewed it. It doesn’t seem to have a regular spot any more. Matt and Cat are fans of the Hong Kong Express chain of Chinese restaurants. Starting in Ryde, the brand spread... Read more
Don’t know about the rest of you but when Matt and Cat think about cream teas, Godshill springs to mind. This quaint village with its gift shoppes, picture-postcard thatches and tea gardens is a mandatory port of call for grockles and cream tea aficionados alike. One sunny October day... Read more
Archive review: Tuscan Hills is now closed. Some partnerships seem destined to endure longer than most marriages: variety stalwarts Morecombe and Wise’s relationship was only curtailed by the untimely death of Eric. Other seemingly inseparable double-acts, such as the legendary Lennon and McCartney, are torn asunder through creative differences,... Read more
French Franks is an enduring feature of Newport; a town where new establishments pop into view more often than Kerry Katona’s tongue at a paparazzi convention. Way back, when this website was in its stone age, Matt and Cat reviewed this established eatery and were favourably impressed by the... Read more