Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
You know those winter Sundays, the ones where, after months of hiding coyly behind grey clouds, the sun decides to play peek-a-boo? In that brief moment everyone who has spent the last few months watching old war films and clearing out their cupboards throws on their warmest anorak and... Read more
The day after mourning the closure of High Street stalwart Island Images, Cat and a pal ventured into the heart of the town to try Love Coffee. Technically a new venue, this centrally-located coffee shop is probably more well-known as its previous incarnation of the franchise Coffee Republic. Occupying... Read more
This is an archive review. Dan’s Kitchen closed in 2019. Back in the day it was pro-celebrity golf and Superstars that satiated our desire to see famous people undertaking feats of endurance. These days the TV spews out task-based fodder such as I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of... Read more
It comes to something when the first frost of the winter is in the second week of the new year. But it was on a cold January morning that Matt and Cat first had to scrape the ice off the car before setting off to work. Still, a year... Read more
Years ago, Matt and Cat had a very enjoyable visit to Lizzie’s Diner, an old skool café set in a windowless industrial unit in Lake’s old fridge factory. The experience was pretty good – in fact, they described the place as “a perfect example of the genre at its... Read more
It is often said that the Isle of Wight is England in miniature. With its castles, tube trains, Neolithic stone monument and Doveresque white cliffs, it’s easy to see why the comparison is made. But it’s not just topographically that the Island reflects the rest of England. Visitors and... Read more
Come with us on a mysterious journey. One filled with magic and wonder, mythical creatures and tastes from your childhood. There will be gasps, there may be tears, and there’ll definitely be a wizard conjuring up some truly provocative food. Starter © Isle of Wight wedding photographer Chris Cowley... Read more
Wights Fish and Chips
It may be the depths of winter now, but imagine the scene: having spent all day on the beach during a rare hot August Bank Holiday, a day-tripping family tidies up their detritus. Nan is levered out of the deckchair and Dad bounces assiduously on the hissing inflatable banana... Read more
This is a collection of short reviews of Matt and Cat’s Christmas meals throughout December 2011. See our conclusions and recommendations at the end of this article. We’ll be giving out some awards, too: Best value Christmas night out Best Christmas food Top service at Christmas Most festive atmosphere... Read more
This is the last review from Matt and Cat’s visit to London. See earlier reviews of Elliot’s and Prufrock Coffee. What a day – Matt and Cat had been whisked around London, relished some great food and drink, and seen some wonderful sights. The provincial unsophisticates really enjoyed the... Read more