Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide

Matt & Cat review places to eat and drink across the lovely Isle of Wight. Nobody else on the Island has reviewed more, or better! From the most modest of burger vans, pubs and cafés to the grandest hotel restaurants, nothing is beyond our scrutiny. Enjoy our rants and raves – add your own comments, and dispute our conclusions.

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Peach Vegan Kitchen, Newport Hot

Reviews Oct 20, 2019 0

Another day goes by, another vegan restaurant opens. If plant-based dining in this country has spent the last few centuries cowering in the shadow of the all-conquering meat and two veg, its time has surely now come. Vegan food... Read more

Gurt Cook Off 2019 Hot

Articles Oct 7, 2019 0

One regularly asked question of us is, “Do you get free food?”. And our,... Read more

Call It What You Want, Cowes Hot

Reviews Oct 5, 2019 0

Some venues still think serving chips in a tiny metal pail is the acme... Read more

Coffee Pot, Ryde

Reviews Sep 21, 2019 1

In the week that Ryde was awarded a share of the government’s High Streets... Read more

Tramezzini, Ventnor

Reviews Sep 7, 2019 0

Once upon a time Italian restaurants were ubiquitous on every high street. You know... Read more