Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide

Matt & Cat review places to eat and drink across the lovely Isle of Wight. Nobody else on the Island has reviewed more, or better! From the most modest of burger vans, pubs and cafés to the grandest hotel restaurants, nothing is beyond our scrutiny. Enjoy our rants and raves – add your own comments, and dispute our conclusions.

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Blacksmith’s, Carisbrooke Hot

Reviews Jul 10, 2018 0

Is pub grub an actual genre of food? It probably is. Leave aside the rather chummy and dated feel of the word ‘grub’, and the conveniently rhyming description gives a clear expectation to the prospective diner. Sizeable portions of... Read more

Chessell Pottery Cafe, Shalcombe

Reviews Jul 1, 2018 0

Now that David Bowie has shuffled off this mortal coil, the memory of him... Read more

White Lion, Arreton

Reviews Jun 10, 2018 0

One of the great things about having mainland visitors is proudly showing off the... Read more

Pizza Express, Newport

Reviews May 1, 2018 1

One drizzly Newport afternoon, post-cinema, we wandered into town with dinner in mind. Passing... Read more

The Bandstand, Sandown Hot

Reviews Apr 16, 2018 0

After considerable investment and what must surely have been a labour of love, in... Read more