Wilkinson’s, Sandown
Pies, eh? The staple of an English diet. Certainly if the success of mainland bakery Greggs is anything to go by. If you haven’t heard, this fast food pastry outlet has marched solidly across England, consuming other smaller bakeries in its path to become the largest bakery chain in... Read more
On The Rocks
Regular readers will have discovered, through the medium of Matt and Cat, the delights of eating out on the Isle of Wight. They will have read of the skill of master chef Robert Thompson, vicariously enjoyed the fruits of Cantina‘s artisan bakers and had their mouths positively watering at... Read more
Ritchie’s Diner, Lake
All together now… “Monday, Tuesday, Happy Days, Wednesday, Thursday, Happy Days“, etc. As the refrain of that 1970s television tea time staple Happy Days becomes your day’s earworm, you may wonder what the heck it was all about. Like the film Grease, it was so far removed from Matt... Read more
Fine Nammet, Shanklin
Remember when Britney Spears was new on the scene? Young and saucy, with a hot routine and worth her weight in column inches, she owned the news and pop charts alike with her undeniable talent. Over time, even if her singles didn’t always make it to the top of... Read more
Harbour Kitchen
So it looks as though the cronut has passed the Isle of Wight by. The biggest culinary fad of 2013 disappeared before we even had time to pretend to be interested. How about the slider burger? Briefly in fashion some time around last Christmas, it’s probably no disaster that... Read more
Ponda Rosa, Ryde
A pensioner, a teenager and a toddler walk into a pub and demand lunch. As much as this may sound like the beginning of a joke it is, in fact, a scenario played out every Sunday at Ryde’s Ponda Rosa. And, unlike some venues which choose to make things... Read more
Rylstone Tea Garden, Shanklin
Matt and Cat don’t half bang on about it but for them a significant part of the Island’s charm is the steadfast way it refuses to move with the times. Yes, it is home to some top tech companies, future energy factories and even the electric bicycle has made... Read more
Fighting Cocks, Arreton
Island roads are different, so the apologetic sign once declared to visitors disembarking from the ferry. They sure are. Some Isle of Wight roads are in a deplorable state; Cat’s car recently sustained enough damage to require the replacement of two wheels and a hubcap as she inadvertently drove... Read more
Blaze, Ryde
For many years Matt and Cat took advantage of generous offers punted under what was, until recently, “Orange Wednesday”. The buy-one-get-one-free tickets at the cinema and BOGOF pizza at Pizza Express made for a cheap date night. However, also until recently, Pizza Express was more like Pizza Somewhen, so... Read more
Coast Bar, Cowes
The Coast Bar, in the trendy heart of Cowes, is unquestionably one of the most popular places in the town. Both the previous times M&C dined at Coast it left something to be desired, and the venue felt the rough edge of Matt and Cat’s virtual pen. However, M&C... Read more