Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
Ada Mediterranean Kitchen, Ryde
We’ve been around the block. But it’s not just us; hell, even you’re looking a bit crinkly around the eyes these days. Laughter lines or too many late nights? That’s your secret and who are we to judge? We’re usually burning the midnight oil noshing our way to bedtime... Read more
Taste of India, East Cowes
We’ve had some agreeable times in East Cowes recently – perhaps the most notable was the impromptu party aboard Floating Bridge #5 as it made its last transits of the Medina before retirement. With music from some passing minstrels and a picnic from Waitrose we enjoyed ourselves so much... Read more
Archive: Nomad, Newport
This is an archive review. Nomad Newport is now closed. There’s still Nomad Cowes.  Every now and then some pop culture phenomenon bursts onto the scene and takes everyone’s breath away. Ask your nan about the impact Elvis ‘The Pelvis’ had on the newly-created teenagers of the 1950s. Dangerous... Read more
Archive Review: Burrgrills, Seaview
Archive review: this pop-up is now closed. Street food, the sort of nosh that you buy from a hatch in a wagon, is so popular that now they’re opening restaurants dedicated to it. No, seriously. And, to prove that it’s not all fuddy-duddies in faded red trews, the poshest... Read more
Matt and Cat love eating out in Cowes, but they always approach a new review in the town with a certain caution. It seems that M&C’s style of leavening their articles with impertinence and occasional sarcasm is one that riles Cowes more than any other Island area. They welcome... Read more
The Royal Family’s junior members have always courted controversy. Who can forget Princess Diana and her lively chum Sarah Ferguson dressing up as policewomen and partying in Annabel’s nightclub back in the 1980s. More recently some of you may have clicked onto TMZ to see Prince Harry’s… er ‘billiards’.... Read more
Archive review: Pintxo Playa, Ventnor
This is an archive review, Pintxo Playa is now closed. There’s a lot of hot air talked about ‘real’ tapas. If there’s such a thing as authentic tapas, then presumably you’d need to go to Spain to get it. Or maybe not. Tapas, like so many other national cuisines,... Read more
What glorious weather the Isle of Wight enjoyed in early June! Good job too, as otherwise the music festival would have been a wash-out and Seaclose Park remodelled as a quagmire to rival last year’s Bestival mudbath. Making the most of the sunshine, M and C put on their... Read more
The Loaves and Fishes is now closed. Matt and Cat have a good friend from the West Wight who’s a bit of a bon viveur, and who enjoys exchanging notes with them on the latest Island eateries, preferably over a glass of some appropriate quaffage. Over the years they’ve... Read more
SWAD, Sandown
Love and marriage, they say, go together like a horse and carriage. Or maybe like Peters and Lee, the interchangeable Ant and Dec, Matt and Cat, and Indian tapas… Whoah there! Indian and tapas? Both spicy, perhaps, but a good combination? The new owners of Sandown’s latest restaurant, SWAD... Read more