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With Matt and Cat's Dining Club you can get a free real coffee with every sandwich or roll at Primrose Fine Foods *

Matt & Cat's Dining Club: RENEW NOW AND SAVE £5

Introduce a friend and you both get a card half-price!

We have enjoyed our dining club so much, we want to get even more members! So we're putting on two great offers exclusively for our loyal existing members.

Renew now and save £5

Get a £5 discount if you renew your card by the end of the month following the expiry date (so for example if it runs out on 31 May, renew it by 30 June).

Introduce a friend and get one extra free card!

Yes, that's right, if you take advantage of this offer you will get two cards for the price of one. The second card can be for your partner to keep with them, or for you to give to a friend or visitor. Just choose the 2-for-1 option in the renewal form, and tell us their name when you renew. This offer is for those renewing for a full-year card only. New cardholders are not eligible for the 2-for-1 offer.



Download a printable version of the offers and events here (pdf file).

  • The full-price card is £25 for a year's membership, or £10 for a two-week visitor's card.
  • See our special 2012 fixed-date Sailing Season card here.
  • The offers apply to the cardholder plus one other diner, so you only need one card for two people.
  • Other special deals and offers will be sent through the email newsletter - some for cardholders, and some for everybody!
  • We'll also be organising special dining events at places we like, and inviting Dining Club members to come along and enjoy some of the best that the Island's eating out providers can offer.
  • Use of the card is subject to our terms and conditions.

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Small print

Download these PDF documents if you want to read more, and yes, it includes the small print:

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Matt and Cat's Dining Club

RENEW YOUR CARD right now!

You can renew a card for up to one month after it expires. After then, you need to buy a new one.

(Not renewing, or card too old to renew?)

Type of renewal
2-for-1 cardholder name, if any
Existing card number, if you know it

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*Dining Club offers are subject to restrictions and conditions, see here for full details.

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