Matt & Cat review places to eat and drink across the lovely Isle of Wight. Nobody else on the Island has reviewed more, or better! From the most modest of burger vans, pubs and cafés to the grandest hotel restaurants, nothing is beyond their scrutiny. Enjoy their rants and raves – add your own comments, and dispute their conclusions.


Royal Hotel Gastronomic Weekend Hot

Uncategorised Apr 26, 2016 0

It usually takes a few years for mainland trends to make their way to the Island. Mostly, by the time we’ve raised our heads out of the County Press, bubble perms, carrot-fit jeans and the inexplicable popularity of nonentity... Read more

The best coffee on the Isle of Wight? Hot

Uncategorised Apr 12, 2016 6

Much has been eulogised about coffee; the provenance of the beans, science behind the... Read more

Nomad, Newport Hot

Uncategorised Apr 11, 2016 1

Every now and then some pop culture phenomenon bursts onto the scene and takes... Read more

The Griffin, Godshill

Uncategorised Apr 4, 2016 0

Godshill’s one of those places like Shanklin Old Village, that seems to have just... Read more

The Cow Co, Tapnell Farm

Uncategorised Mar 17, 2016 0

It must be an interesting process, starting a new restaurant. Do you, perhaps, take... Read more