Matt & Cat review places to eat and drink across the lovely Isle of Wight. Nobody else on the Island has reviewed more, or better! From the most modest of burger vans, pubs and cafés to the grandest hotel restaurants, nothing is beyond their scrutiny. Enjoy their rants and raves – add your own comments, and dispute their conclusions.


Isle of Wight Pearl Hot

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We love the Isle of Wight. We love its history, geology, landscape and wildlife. And of course the food. All of these things make it a great place to live and to visit. Almost everywhere you go you’ll see... Read more

Isle of Wight Festival Food, 2016

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By our Isle of Wight Festival correspondants, @sparklypips and @b33rdy Sunday cake breaks With... Read more

London Street Food

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Although our blog is called Matt and Cat’s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide... Read more

Royal Esplanade Hotel, Ryde

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It’s a part of our lives that we all come to understand. The beloved... Read more

White Horse, Whitwell

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In these modern times, you can buy a pint of beer from ten o’clock... Read more